​​New Haven  Pilates

(Formerly Workout On Whitney)
 319 Peck Street
    Building 6W - Suite B  ​
  New Haven, CT   06513
A Pilates Reformer Workout will:

For strength, flexibility and Balance
Please contact Sally Brenzel @ 203-498-1800 to schedule your complimentary Pilates Reformer Class so you can experience the amazing  workout you will receive using a Pilates Reformer.
  1. ​​​Strengthen, Tone and F​latten your abs
  2. Increase Back S​​trength and reduce Back Pain
  3. Develop Longer, Leaner Muscles
  4. Improve your Posture
  5. Relieve Stress & Tension
  6. Promote Weight Loss (muscle building along with proper breathing will burn calories and regenerate tissue)
  7. Prevent Injury
  8. Increase Strength and Flexibility
  9. Improve Balance
  10. Enhance Athletic Performance
  11. Boost Self Esteem
  12. Increased sense of Well Being
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