​​​​*No Refunds - No Exceptions
*​24 packs are only available to those who participate in 2 or more classes weekly.

​*​24 hour cancellation for all sessions and classes or you will be charged for that session

*​All studio sales are subject to 6.35% CT sales tax

Please schedule and purchase your Pilates sessions in advance using the Wellnessliving Scheduling Manager

Please give adequate notice of cancellation (24 HOURS)
24 hours notice of cancellation is required otherwise a session will be charged

Initial Evaluation Pilates Sessions will not occur during an existing class.
This evaluation of the new individual will determine where to start. Usually Private Sessions are recommended before joining an existing experienced Pilates equipment group class.

All sessions/classes/gift certificates purchased have an expiration date from the date of purchase. 
All studio purchases are to be used within the expiration date time frame and are NON-REFUNDABLE

Please arrive A FEW MINUTES EARLY to class. All classes/sessions will start and end on time

Please wait outside the studio for the previous class/session to finish

When your session is over, please do not interrupt the next class/session

Keep post class talking to a minimum or do so outside!

Cell phones must be put on silent or vibrate

Please be mindful of others in the studio during class / session
Keep talking to a minimum so everyone can focus on proper form and movement

NEW HAVEN PILATES appreciates your presence & enthusiasm, and adhering to these policies ensures everyone has a positive experience at the studio!

Power Pilates NYC Teacher Training at New Haven Pilates.


Core Mat 1 (4/09/2021)

Core Mat 2 (6/04/2021)

Core Mat 1 (7/16/2021)

Core Mat 1 (10/15/2021)

Reformer 1 (11/12/2021)

Core Mat 2 (12/10/2021)

For All Teacher Training information including prerequisites, cost, registration and any questions about the program you must contact New Haven Pilates is the host facility for the Power Pilates Trainings listed above!