All studio participants who have been authorized to join class, must schedule and pay for your class before arriving at the studio.  Please do not just show up for a class without scheduling in advance.  

NHP does not allow walk in's or people joining an existing regularly scheduled class without Studio approval. Please email for approval!



Class Levels Explained:

Introductory Reformer Class 

Students will be coached on techniques, alignment and core control while building the strength, stamina and repertoire required to participate in a beginner level Pilates classes. Perfect for a beginner and for those just getting back into practice.

Beginner/Intermediate Classes

Combining the Beginner level Reformer exercises and adding the Intermediate level exercises. This class is for students who have taken Pilates group reformer classes in the past.  The pace will increase as the flow and transitions from each exercises are taught.

Advanced level Classes

Students who have taken Pilates Reformer classes / lessons for a minimum of 2 years who should have developed the strength and control and knowledge of the method and order of exercises for the more physically challenging advanced level exercises added into the complete order of reformer exercises.

NHP Current Class Schedule:

Monday: 8am, 9:15am, 5pm, 6pm

Tuesday: 7am, 8am, 9:15am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Wednesday: 5pm, 6pm

Thursday: 8am, 9:15am

Friday: 8am, 9:15am

Saturday 8am, 9am

Classes are subject to change! Once permission is granted from the studio, participants will prebook and prepay for any sessions!